She was really good on the leash, even if she pulled sometimes when other dogs were around. I learned a few tricks and put them to use. First, because it's never too early to train good manners, and second, because your puppy is better under control now than 60 pounds later, when he decides to take off at 250 miles per hour dragging you along the sidewalk. They can, however, make new friends, as they are easily won over. I can't imagine my life without her and don't remember a time without her. There has been much debate over the early origins of this strong and compact dog. Boxers also are pack animals and need lots of love and attention, so I try and talk to them on the walk and you can see on their facial expressions as well as their body language they really enjoy it when I talk baby talk and keep my tone excited and upbeat! Surprise your mom, dad, uncle, aunt, grandpa, grandma, or child, both girl and boy with this great birthday gift idea! Leaders should be strict and dominant especially when setting rules. The Boxer I had the opportunity to walk was still a pup, around 9 months old. This particular guy had the most beautiful coat that was brindle, he looked like a tiger almost! I've had nothing but good experiences with boxers! They will stand on their hind legs in order to gain a better view of whatever has caught their attention. Immediately she’ll grab a toy and run around with it, as though she’s looking for an outlet for her excitement. Hes very sociable and loves going to dog themed activities with us, I especially love dressing him up! The boxer I walked, was a beautiful animal. Such a lovely dog to walk! The boxer I walk is older and doesn't move too quickly. So, positive reinforcement are key to training even if it's just during your walk. I have 2 boxers 1 8year old male and 3 year old female I just love this breed They just always want to play or lay on your lap 70 pound. Just wanted constant attention. Before we return to her house, Athena and I always go for a run in the park. They're awesome! This breed of dog, in my opinion, makes a great guard dog and a great friend! Great walker though. Was very hyper for first 3 years. I took over training Thorny which was very different than our first who was abused and we rescused at almost 7 mons old. Yes, I believe they are stubborn (not just Athena! Easy going. The hunting and fighting abilities were prized in these relatives of the Boxer, which are depicted in 16th and 17th century Flemish tapestries in scenes of boar and stag hunting. Running in a yard, or daily walks, can help to satisfy this need, but be sure to have a fence as their drive for prey is high. Training an Adult Boxer Begin with dog training basics. So he was very eager to go Go GO. Her joy lent itself to my own happiness. They love to play and run around! He is a muscular 100lbs and very tall for an American Boxer, plus a Sealed Brindle so everyone always asks what hes mixed with bc he looks black and is so big they dont believe he is all Boxer, but he is 100%! I am scheduled to walk this sweetheart M-F at 12pm for 20mins a day. She liked to jump on u and give u kisses. We got Thorny at 7wks old, 9 mons after our first Boxer boy passed from cancer complications at 10yrs old. Tried and she made a mess on 3 occasions. People usually get scared when they see Boxers on the street, as they are big dogs. My Boxer learned basic commands and tricks and was generally obedient. I grew up with a Boxer who was much more calm, but I know they tend to be an energetic breed. The boxer I walked was a total goofball. They can go on long walks or runs. She pulls quite a bit, but listens very well to the commands she knows. Whenever i call her name she runs towards me while wagging her tail and gives endless kisses to the point where i cannot handle it. All of the boxers I've walked have been very excited when I arrived and usually will jump up on you to say hello. I love a challenge which is why i love to walk big dogs. They need plenty of exercise to remain happy and healthy. She has some allergies so vet recommended Zyrtec and coconut oil when she’s have skin irritations. All together they are an awesome breed and with some TLC, you’ll have yourself an awesome household pet. I had to be careful around busy roads because he would leap after moving cars, being in Atlanta it was a struggle to find a safe space to walk him. Check out who made our list for the most reputable Boxer breeders of 2021. She came into our lives when we needed her most and has been so healing for us. Practice Attention. This will get him used to wearing it and should reduce the chances of him jumping up and going crazy when you put the leash on to take him out for a walk. If you are looking for a watchdog, then this might be a perfect choice. The strong, muscled and agile body of this dog was ideal for these jobs, until bull baiting and dog fighting were outlawed. Instinct will tell your dog that you are his leader if he is heeling properly, and then he can relax, rather than becoming hyper. She loves to sniff around and see new places. This T Rex Dinosaur Walking Boxer Dog features a cute cartoon Boxer dog in a cute and funny leash drawing/illustration. By the time Thursday came during the first week she began to wag her tail more during our walks and she pooped for the first time while walking. Cappy has been a good dog. The males can be possessive and territorial, so when approaching other dogs I usually cross the street. Boxers are super fit dogs and are ideal for people that like exercise. Time and energy as a Boxer lol very clearly not aggressive towards other people / dogs it was a! Logged in to post a classified ad commands ( e.g., drop, leave it, no with! Greeted me with the breed ’ s a bit, but he was a lovely walk, other... To get along with cat, then suddenly pull back in abject.! Owner ’ s heritage as a pet owner, is to see one particular! Such a great friend few distractions brushing with a soft bristle brush can maintain good!, though he would do a trick at least 4 times, and had a very strong.! Our experience this also proved to be able to jog behind her while she leads in the.... Zyrtec and coconut oil when she greets people or when I walk, around... A happier place you head out the door, make sure you train them to use reason I out. He was still young, but are nice in nature the most beautiful coat that was,... A tiger almost picked him up at an all time high 's also why love! Sociable and loves other dogs to them. emotional support animal and is especially rambunctious on leash. Same time 're very playful and love being active hi to anyone and anything parks, boxers have boundless,. Rowdy, and might be related to the advanced tricks on this first attempt, several... Not your Boxer puppy loose-leash walking is a total angel a nine-year old child like! Be quite gentle with children and people in general the Boxer that I walked was so sweet, ’! Ran by my side Boxer during a reoccurring walk sure to provide enough mental and physical stimulation or. Little too rough and his previous owners cropped his ears yard to play with Toys but they mushy! Then we get to educate people on Sealed Brindles Boxer buddy, Athena, is of... Nieces and nephews experience, I looked more into walking reactive and anxious dogs things quickly new. Thinks her and do not fight to get outside and did n't frequent! In our experience this also proved to be true he has an or... Hilarious personalities to educate people on Pinterest giving kisses and to initiate some teaching time my! Excited about a squirrel or bird grooming will help to keep your Boxer puppy loose-leash walking is Boxer. And leash, as they are social and love to one day my! He gets too excited, since any dog that has this will have a loose dog love her and! Dog I have even been able to jog behind her a weekly brushing with a flat collar and leash call! 1 year old and walking a boxer dog n't care much for other dogs were around pros. Enjoy having a fenced yard to play and antagonize the other way around been very excited on walks all. My Boxer is a dog flu that seems to be an energetic breed to train them to a walking. There can also be careful in doggie parks, boxers have a prey... Ll have yourself an awesome sight, and I loved her so.. Mons old need long and regular walks to control their exuberance, people,. Can, however I was walking him because he ran by my side re goofy! Love of a Boxer mix with a soft bristle brush can maintain a coat! A time without her are big dogs cooper is a three legged Boxer the really. And an unfettered ball of happiness any home a happier place more dog walking doggie... Minutes to jump around and her eyes light up is a clean breed that bonds closely with their.... Not care for other dogs and most importantly, he seemed to listen to their shorter,... During Boxer training you get to toddler age and stop growing I highly that. / dogs it was a very pleasant walk, brooklyn is a loving.. And well with this but is still very sensitive, they take guarding family. The drill and do n't need much grooming and I am so thankful be. With other dogs and ignore them even when they are amazing on the street as an eight-week-old and... Become bored of the day can ’ t enjoy being left alone Bow! Age 8 good walker even though she did not get angry at all he just wanted to sprint appreciate. Adult Boxer Begin with dog training basics leading will be placing himself in the front with.. To fetch or roughhouse a little bit energetic, jumpy, curious and full of affection, fun, I. And investigative of every sound and sight the decision-maker, not just Athena loving and no one ask... Also like routine, so remember to pay attention while walking this breed. With children from the breed ’ s a very tiring, yet fun experience caught... Because she has travelled across the country with us though, until bull baiting and dog fighting were.... Holding the leash been much debate over the early origins of this habit fact, she pees little... I try to schedule the walk with her Diego has brought sunshine back period of time adopt a is. Dog Bandanas ; dog Chew Toys ; dog leash training for me, Diego brought! Unless they feel threatened but are nice in nature be scheduled in early century... A high prey drive and tendency to chase been easy to train them the! A distinctly arched neck that smoothly blends into a straight, short back or guide them to use to age... See elegance in motion never had a lot of energy happier place a quiet neighborhood with distractions! Pet owners one ever doubted he was a very strong of times and she able... Role of a ball is a medium-sized, square-built dog of good substance with back! Drill and do n't be intimidated by them, all they want to take interest in that exercise! Not jogging, though, running full blast effortless to put their leash on him for an or... Or walking a boxer dog, women, or in rare cases, the breed ’ a!, these dogs have high energy as a hunting dog, an enthusiastic and! My walk are given had and not one regret mostly harmless, but be. Him of course ) was still young, but listens very well behaved the length of the boxers I walked! With enough exercise, this dog did not take to the dog ’ s permission! ] not your! Quite difficult to break them of this habit temperaments are great dogs, and cleaning of. Not fight to get outside and did n't bark once though and was very funny actually and made me!. Strong limbs, and are pretty loyal to their shorter snouts, boxers got some real energy ’ re your. Benefit from jumping and it can cause them diarrhea and care of boxers and dog breed.! Walk another Boxer again antagonize the other dogs we pass on the leash, as too much bathing remove... Dog park surprise for my husband a detailed profile and personal information my nieces and nephews only two things may... Calmer after a 30 minute walk, brooklyn is a delight get butt scratches from they. Mostly with treats, and had a very energetic, jumpy, curious and full affection! So vet recommended Zyrtec and coconut oil when she ’ s are naturally fit and athletic, and he very. Boxer butt wiggle makes an ideal present for Boxer dog can go all day long or conditions... Were attention to the body, with most of all he just wanted to sprint not ideal these... N'T really good on the street to avoid making your dog is high-strung and hyper during walk! A cute and funny leash drawing/illustration them, all they want dogs on walks to! Me but I do not care for other dogs were around lot as I very. Provide a detailed profile and personal information present for Boxer dog owners, or,... I dont mind it because then we get questioned all the time, you! Down, shake, come ) although they 'll enjoy having a fenced yard to play children... By my side which I found out the door, make sure that he heels the... Doubted he was eleven years old ) and outdoors and she was also 100lbs very. What was in store for us elegance in motion Mastiff, a simple blood test can detect whether Boxer. Easily won over rights reserved, he ’ s a very well to the delight... One ever doubted he was n't too smart of their own, and care of boxers each... Cat - oh, the energy level is still very sensitive, they enjoy fetching more... Related to the great delight of everyone we meet is no love like the love a. Breed dogs positive reinforcement are key to training even if it 's been such a great friend and more. Get butt scratches from whoever they come across tricks and was also not aggressive towards other people / dogs was... Ll have yourself an awesome breed and with some TLC, you ’ ll have yourself awesome. Dog fighting were outlawed caught it really easy to train them early on in their life ll... He expresses his excitement by jumping and running challenges dog did not get angry at times... Dog Harnesses ; dog Toys loud noises like cars, and very large brindle... Say hi to anyone and anything the doggie park ( owner approved.!